BSA Officer Coach

As a BSA Officer, you’re responsible for your firm’s BSA/AML Program. Every day you’ll need to make strategic and tactical decisions that will have real consequences, and often there’s no great answers. You need to balance different perspectives and juggle competing interests.

Strategic direction … tactical advice … daily, weekly, monthly check-ins

BSA Officer Coaching – on a monthly retainer basis, you’ll have direct access to Jim Richards’ 20+ years as a BSA Officer. Working together, we will:
Identify your strengths and hone them;
Identify your weaknesses and overcome them;
Balance all Five Dimensions of managing your career;
Solve tactical, immediate problems;
Turn your internal Audit team into one of your most effective BSA/AML tools;
Learn the secrets of getting bad news fast and delivering it effectively;
Hone your board presentations – both the written material and how to work with the board and senior management