Running an effective anti-money laundering program involves balancing the needs and desires of all your stakeholders - senior management intent on growing the business, your customers, auditors, directors, shareholders, regulators, prosecutors, community activists, politicians, the media.
And those stakeholders bring very different perspectives, even competing interests, that must be understood and managed. Contact us to learn more about our unique strategies to allow your program to thrive by understanding different perspectives and competing interests.

Expert Advice

Do you really need another PowerPoint presentation of lengthy PDF report? Or do you simply want the advice and counsel of someone who has been running a BSA/AML program since the late 1990s? Whether as a one-time engagement or monthly retainer, we can provide expert advice to BSA Officers, AML Officers, Money Laundering Reporting Officers
Running an AML program is like Churchill's description of Russia in 1939 - a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma: the riddle is meeting law enforcement's interests in getting actionable, effective intelligence, wrapped in the mystery of satisfying all the multiple regulators' program requirements, inside the enigma of balancing the competing, sometimes conflicting, interests of the business people, senior management, and the board. Added to that is another Churchill quote and perhaps one of the great paraprosdokians of all time - "I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you" - where often the reported failures of the program are not the fault of the BSA Officer or MLRO or AML Officer, but are nonetheless blamed on that person.